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Since 1994 , when we established a subsidiary of Rudketten in India, we have been providing a vital link to industry with a comprehensive range of the world's highest quality Round Steel Link Chains, Forged Link Chains, Conveyors, Spreader Beams, various Lifting and Lashing Solutions.

A Total Material Handling Solution Provider.
Till date we have sold more than 500 conveyors and 1000 of lifting solutions.

Today, with RUD's global resources behind us, RUD INDIA has established a reputation for setting the standard for innovative conveying and lifting technology . We are continuing to build on this reputation with highly satisfied customers across industry . We have an staff of highly skilled Engineers who are committed to our business for the long term.

Our success has been achieved by ensuring that the RUD equipment we supply is not only the best available, but is also specifically tailored for each individual application.

Our attention to detail and focus on quality is the basis upon which RUD Chains has operated since being founded as a family owned company in Germany in 1875.

It is a tradition which the Rieger family still maintains today and one which we are proud to continue in India.

When you deal with RUD you have the assurance you're dealing with a family company that has been manufacturing quality products for over 140 years. Since being founded by the Rieger family in Germany, RUD has grown to such an extent that its products are now used in more than 120 countries worldwide. Add to that over 500 international patents, a skilled workforce of more than 1500 people and branches and offices on nearly every continent, and you have a Material handling whose destiny is to continue.

The RUD Group has officially been nominated as a Hidden Champion of the 21st Century because we are in our defined sectors worldwide leader in quality and technology.

Tradition of Dynamic Innovation, that is in the tradition of a modern and dynamically growing family organisation.


RUD Lifting

RUD sling and lashing systems guarantee safety when lifting and moving loads. Over 550 different innovative tested lifting/lashing points (welded or bolted), in conjunction with our VIP and ICE lifting chains meet the highest demands in all areas of application of future-oriented lashing and lifting equipment. Designed for high safety standards in work place.

RUD Special Spreader Beams are used in Industries such as Heavy Engineering, Power, Renewable industry - Wind, Construction for unsymmetrical loads up to 1000 tons.

Lifting, turning and working on - Check our world class innovation, which saves your capital costs, boosts productivity and safety, with Tool Mover, Lifto Roto beam and RUDEquip.

RUD Conveyor Systems

RUD Conveyor Systems are a guarantee of quality, innovation and safety.

RUD conveyor and drive systems offer numerous systems solutions for many applications in bulk material handling, mining (chain connectors) to mining solutions and screening.

For conveying, RUD can provide the appropriate system. Preferably using round steel chains, forked link chains, central chain, screw drivers or belts as traction mechanisms.

RUD designs and produces conveyor systems for use in horizontal, vertical and inclined applications.

The systems range from drag chain conveyors, ash removal systems and feeding systems to complete bucket elevators, trough chain conveyors and screw conveyors. In addition, RUD develops and manufactures special customised solutions.

RUD DRIVE SYSTEMS (Transmission)

RUD has many years of experience in the field of industrial chains, particularly with hoist chains, in (the) power generation, the maritime sector (OMEGA DRIVE) and numerous industrial applications (TOOL MOVER).

RUD drive systems offer optimum solutions (Normally without use of lubrication and outdoor conditions) for diverse applications. RUD round steel chain drives offer you a long-lasting robust solution in comparison to roller chain drives, wire ropes or rack-and-pinion drives.

RUD round steel chain drives are robust and perfectly suited to the adverse conditions in the industrial or maritime environment
Based on the round steel chain as traction mechanism we develop and manufacture a big variety of drive and transmission solutions for lifting moving, telescoping, sliding and moving applications.

Whether you are moving cranes, lift industrial doors, in hydro power plants / dams and furnaces or move an elevator, lifting the Heavy Take off unit (Dead Weight) of Belt conveyors saving valuable time, manpower and highly reliable and safe solutions.



As a division of the RUD-Group we are experts in working out solutions for standard and special applications for all load securing systems, lifting devices, non-skid chains, lifting and lashing points and technical and logistic support by land, sea and air.

It's our motivation to support the armed forces on their various operations with our high quality premium products.

Only the best is good enough for the soldiers in the field!
Through our actively practiced, open and trusting corporate culture as well as our ongoing training and education, our international Military Technology division is a motivated, energetic, flexible and competent team.

Through our long-lasting experience with round steel chain applications in diverse industries like heavy industry, plastic, wind, solar, military, coal, biomass, cement or maritime, all our components and round steel chain drives are perfectly synchronised with each other and provide reliable and long-lasting solutions.

RUD system components are always perfectly matched to provide reliable systems solutions. RUD sees itself as the industrial sector's partner for engineering, project planning, system commissioning and servicing, from components and modules to entire systems.