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Image of Material Lifting Equipment: Industrial Lifting Solutions for Efficient Operations

Dec 08, 2023

Choosing the Right Lifting Equipment for Your Industry: Factors to Consider

Having the right lifting equipment in a warehouse or manufacturing setup can make a huge difference in efficiency, productivity, and the health of your staff. It's nothing less than having a all rounder of equipment that can lift heavy things with ease and help everyone work better! 

But here's the catch – finding the right material lifting equipment for your day to day operations can be a bit tricky.

No two industries are alike in having the same process. Each place is different; some warehouses are big, some are small, some have different layouts, and the things they need to lift vary too.

With so many different types of lifting equipment out in the field, it becomes very difficult to find what suits you best. It's not like you can just pick any random lifting equipment and hope it works like magic. You need to go through a process of figuring out what fits your specific needs and how it can help you work better.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Lifting and Moving Equipment

Before you decide to invest your money in something as big as lifting and moving equipment for your industry, it's crucial to take a good look at your requirements and figure out what choices you have. Some important things to think about are:

Consider the Nature of Load

The first step in choosing the right industrial lifting equipment is making sure it's suitable for the material you want to lift. 

  • Different lifting systems are designed for specific loads, like sheets, bags, or boxes, each requiring different tools and parts.
  • Consider the size, shape, and weight of the typical load you'll be lifting. RUD India’s boltable and weldable cranes and hoists can be adjusted to handle the heaviest loads, with an added safety margin.
  • Think about how the goods are packaged and stored, like bags, drums, or pallets. Some lifting equipment, such as lifting trolleys, can be equipped with tools that make it easier to handle standardised loads.

Worker safety

Keeping the staff safe, healthy, and happy is incredibly important. When choosing equipment, it's essential to consider how to minimise accidents and reduce health problems caused by poor ergonomics.

  • Many issues arise from manual handling tasks, but even using lifting equipment can still pose risks like repetitive stress injuries. 
  • To improve safety and reduce health risks, manual lifting equipment is a great option. 
  • It is also crucial to train workers properly to handle the equipment to ensure its safe use.

Traffic patterns and picking processes

  • Think about how goods move in your facility, from delivery to storage racks or other processes.
  • Consider the average volume of goods you handle. Some lifting equipment is designed for fast lifting, which is great for handling lots of lighter loads quickly and improving productivity.
  • Find the most efficient method and route to transport goods to and from storage.
  • Check if loads need to be turned, tilted, or gripped from the side during the lifting process. Make sure to choose or customise a lifter that can do what you need.
  • Consider if mobility and flexibility are important for your operations. Mobile vacuum lifters can save time and effort when picking orders from pallet racks. Electric lifting trolleys are great for efficient transportation and lifting of goods.

Get Customized Lifting Points at RUD India

RUD India has been at the forefront in developing solutions with successful indigenization in a timely manner for all material handling requirements from - start (raw material handling) to end (final product handling) in all manufacturing industries. 

RUD's proficient team of engineers and customer centric approach ensures a strong after sales & technical support. Our round-the-clock customer service and quick delivery of spare parts are two key aspects of our customer support.

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