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Apr 24, 2024

RUD India offers custom chain sling configurations for businesses

Lifting solutions in the world of industrial material handling are a dime a dozen. There are loads of companies and brands that offer lifting solutions of all shapes and sizes. This can create a major selection headache for a business owner, especially for someone who isn’t aware of the technicalities involved. Chain Slings are among the many industrial lifting solutions available to businesses. Exploring these solutions can be a chore, but RUD India offers custom chain sling configurations tailor made for business owners as per their requirements.

Diverse range of Chain slings that RUD India has to offer

RUD India’s catalog features a diverse range of custom chain slings which can be categorized across 4 categories. 

  • 1-Leg Chain Sling: A 1-leg chain sling is the simplest type of lifting sling. They’re perfect for businesses that require standard material handling solutions for their daily operations and deal with lightweight loads on the regular. Usually utilized to lift machinery components such as pipes and beams. Their ability to be fitted with various types of hooks makes them a versatile choice for most modern businesses.
  • 2-Leg Chain Sling: This chain sling type comes with two legs and is utilized in more advanced lifting applications. These chain slings can equip combinations of attachments on different legs such as hooks, rings and shackles and lift heavier loads than 1-leg chain slings. They’re commonly used in lifting equipment such as tanks and containers. These chain slings strike a balance between lifting capacity and stability.
  • 3-4 leg Chain Slings: Otherwise known as multi-leg chain slings, these are advanced slings used with heavy duty lifting equipment. Because of their multi-leg support, these chain slings are capable of carrying heavier loads and offer the best stability. These lifting slings are capable of mounting various combinations of attachments to create the ideal lifting solution for businesses that deal with various types of material. However, owing to their increased capacity and complexity, these require more maintenance operations and inspections than conventional chain slings.
  • Endless Chain Slings: These are unique chain slings that manifest in the form of an endless loop of chains with no fixed ends. They operate very differently from leg-based chain slings and are used in unique material handling circumstances. They offer excellent adjustability and can be customised with binders and shorteners to deal with different loop sizes for the load. They are commonly used to lift objects such as pipes,tubes and spools. However, these chain slings can be complex to handle and require additional training to utilize effectively.

Consider operational safety and level of complexity

It can be easy to get carried away with capacity but it is also important to consider operational safety. Material handling businesses deal with occupational hazards that must be covered for with equipment that is safe to use and well-trained crews. This is where RUD India’s solutions come into the picture. In addition to customizability, the company’s commitment to the highest industrial standards when it comes to safety and ease of use stands out in India’s diverse industrial machinery industry. Regardless of the equipment you’re using, it is important for you to secure your workplace and cover all kinds of occupational hazards. It is also important to ensure your employees are trained to handle the equipment effectively.

RUD India offers top quality lifting equipment

RUD India is one of India’s best manufacturers of material handling solutions and offers top quality industrial lifting equipment. These include customisable chain slings solutions. RUD India prioritises strict quality control, ensuring each sling meets high standards. They cater to diverse lifting challenges by offering customised solutions beyond standard configurations. This includes adjustable slings for specific needs. Additionally, RUD India's slings are known for their long-lasting performance, thanks to their use of high-quality materials and robust manufacturing processes. By choosing RUD India, businesses can invest in reliable lifting equipment that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and longevity.

At the end of the day, it is all about identifying your specific material handling requirements and ensuring that your choice of chain sling covers these requirements effectively and effortlessly. You can safely opt for RUD India products, knowing full well that the company will support your purchase decision and offer the right guidance on what you need for your business. Choosing the right lifting gear is also about choosing the right manufacturer and you won’t go wrong with RUD India’s lifting solutions. From lightweight everyday solutions to heavy duty lifting equipment, RUD India offers customisable options for all business owners.

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