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Nov 06, 2023

Types of Spreader Beams: Choosing the Right One for Your Needs

In many industries, lifting really heavy things is just a regular part of the job. But doing it safely and efficiently is crucial. That's where specialized equipment like spreader beams comes in. These clever devices are like super helpers for crane operators, making the lifting of large and heavy loads much easier and safer.

What is a Spreader Beam?

Spreader beams, also known as lifting beams, are strong tools placed under a crane's hook. It helps distribute the weight of a heavy load across multiple points, making the lifting process stable and secure. Imagine it like a giant helping hand that holds and balances things while they're being lifted.

Types of Spreader Beams

At RUD India, a trusted manufacturer, there are various types of lifting spreader beam to fit different lifting needs:

1. Customised Spreader Beam

These spreader beams are like personalised lifting assistants. They can lift enormous loads, up to a whopping 1000 tonnes! They come with chains, lifting points, web slings, and custom-made attachments for a perfect fit. As per your industrial needs, you can even get an adjustable spreader beam for lifting.

2. Heavy Lift Spreader Beam

Designed to handle wide and unbalanced loads, these heavy-duty spreader beams make tough lifting jobs much easier. They follow strict safety standards, ensuring that even the heaviest loads are lifted safely.

3. H Frame Spreader Beam

Shaped like the letter "H," this spreader beam adds extra stability to lifting. It distributes the weight of the load across many points, reducing the pressure during lifting. Think of it like a strong backbone that supports the load.

4. Modular Spreader Beam

Imagine building blocks for lifting! Modular spreader beams consist of interchangeable sections that can be assembled to fit the load. They are super flexible, allowing adjustments to the length and lifting capacity as needed.

5. Overhead Spreader Beam

Perfect for tight spaces where there's not much room above, these lifting spreader bars help lift and move heavy loads without bumping into obstacles overhead.

6. Spreader Beam with Moveable Bail

This smart device comes with an adjustable bail. It's like having a lifting tool that can change its shape to fit different loads, making lifting operations much more versatile and easy.

7. Linear Spreader Beam

Designed for long, narrow objects like pipes and tubes, this beam provides support along the entire length of the load. It's like having a helping hand that fits perfectly, making sure nothing slips or tilts during lifting.

Why Choose RUD India

RUD India is one of the top spreader beam manufacturers in India, offering a range of heavy-duty spreader beams. These beams are made to the highest standards, ensuring they are super tough and reliable. They're crafted to spread the load across multiple points, making lifting safer and more stable.

So, if you're in need of reliable and sturdy lifting equipment, RUD India's spreader beams are the way to go. They make the tough job of heavy lifting much simpler, ensuring that your work is not just efficient but also safe. Don't compromise on safety; choose the right spreader beam for your lifting needs and make your workplace a safer and more efficient environment.

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