VLBS-P - Load ring for welding, especially for pipes

Suspension ring pivots 180°. Suspension ring & weld-on-block of the VLBS-U are undetachable. Suspension ring can be angled into position (VLBS-U). The VLBS-P must only be weld on curved interfaces resp. round shaped parts (f.e. tubes) with an outside diameter of Ø 82 mm up to Ø 220 mm, or an outside radius of R41 up to R110.

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 VLBS-P 4t - Load ring with spring for welding, especially for pipes (7995472)


Technical information

Article number: 7995472

weight0.76 kg1.68 lbs
Nominal WLL4000 kg8820 lbs
T87 mm3-7/16"
A45 mm1-25/32"
B87 mm3-7/16"
C35 mm1-3/8"
D51 mm2"
E52 mm2-1/16"
F18 mm23/32"
G46 mm1-13/16"
16,5 mm21/32"


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