Take Off Lifting

Belt tensioning unit is a vital component in ensuring optimum belt performance.Handling of the Tensioning Unit with the traditional method is difficult and takes a long time effecting on overall process & productivity.
Take Up device is a low maintenance automized solution for handling the heavy tensioning units in case of maintenance and breakdowns.

  • Vertical Pi drive with two strand and two parallel drives.
  • The system is driven by two synchronized motors with end fastener attached to the counter weight and load limiters at respective ends
  • The Variable frequency drive helps in controlling the complete system
  • Low maintenance

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  • Reduction in the operating time by 96% over manual handling
  • Easily accommodated in space constraint application
  • Compact system for dusty environment as compared to hoist
  • Motors are mounted on the base structure for ease of access

  • Belt changing process
  • Belt Shortening
  • Bearing maintenance and adjustment
  • Pulley adjustment


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