Pocket wheel for TECDOS

Case hardened TECDOS pocket wheels are optimally designed to work with TECDOS chain and guarantee long life and silent running. 
TECDOS® chain wheels for drive units and redirection can be manufactured for single and multiple chain strand configurations. 
Available on request for all chain sizes from TEC 6 to TEC 260 for loads from 6 up to 260 kN.

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TECDOS Pocketwheel variant


*) Standard 6 pockets other sizes on request | **) Keyways at 120° offset


  • All TECDOS chain wheels are made of low-alloy steel, completely machined and surface-hardened
  • Chain wheels available for loads from 6 kN up to 260 kN

  • Rust resistant and acid resistant drive and redirection wheels available on request

  • All TECDOS components can be delivered as rust resistant and acid resistant.

  • The bore and hub designs can be designed as customer-specific requirements (toothing possible with specification from DIN standard)

  • Geometry of the pockets is perfectly coordinated to the TECDDOS round steel chain


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