Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp

Plate lifting clamps are part of our lifting equipment range and designed for lifting and transferring plates such as steel sheets and other similar materials. These plate clamps can be used to safely and securely move plates horizontally or vertically. This lifting tool is ideal for manufacturing and other industrial settings. The integration of the Lifting beam, Vertical clamps along with crane hooks form an ideal solution for the present day industry.

Our clamps are equipped with the locking system

  • Latch type safety lock
  • Lever type safety lock
  • Auxiliary Lock

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We have vertical clamps ranging from 0.5T to 75T which can handle plates up to 128mm thick. The mechanism is designed to obtain a lifting force by using the weight of objects to be lifted.

The shapes of the cam and link are designed in such a form that gripping force remains constant even if the plate thickness varies.

  • Designed to turn plates 90°, lift and then set back through the same 90° arc.
  • Positive mechanism ensures plate is gripped even when hoist is slack.
  • Chain control on lock allows for ease in releasing cam.
  • Complies with DIN Standards.


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