Internal Support Tong

Support tongs are specialized tools used to handle rolls of paper, metal and/or any other coils in the vertical axis.  Gripping is done from the bottom flat surface which gives a positive support.


  • Our tongs can be used in narrow isle stocking
  • Compact in design provides more accessibility
  • Automatically adjusts to the load size
  • Easy to release manual latch
  • Polyurethane pads to grip without damage
  • Low headroom design

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  • Designed as per ASME BTH 1 which ensures maximum safety and desired operating life of product·        Low self-weight, robust and optimum design.
  • Factor of safety is 3 times over yield and 5 times over breakage.

  • Name Plate with product code, SWL, Self-Wt., year of manufacturing for easy tracking


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