Slab Tongs

Slab Tongs are designed to deliver optimum functionality support and can also be custom developed for suiting client’s specific requirements. Designed for lifting dry slabs of concrete, stone, or metal that must be protected from scratching or marring.

This automatic slab tong is for use in the primary metal industry. Tongs are designed to your specific requirements to suit the width, length, thickness and lifting capacity.

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  • Full range automatic adjustment
  • Auto-Latch mechanism for holding tong open, relax on top of the load grip
  • All pivot points furnished with hardened steel brushing/pins and lubrication fittings
  • Handles a wide range of products lengths, widths, thickness and weights
  • High temperature product capability
Landing pads for straight horizontal motion of grip points to handle thinner loads. Replaceable urethane facing on rest portion of lower legs to protect load.


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