Mineral Feeder

RUD creates individual customer solutions that set standards in market. We move bulk materials, time and again, our closeness to our customers has given us new approaches to new developments and new fields of applications.

Customer Benefits

  • Can fit on all type of surfaces
  • Floor/ground installation thus no expense on civil work
  • Can handled dry, dusty, shredded and sticky material
  • Holding capacity of 35 m³
  • Modular construction
  • Portable construction on request

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Category :
Sub Category :

  • Suitable for heavy duty continuous.
  • Pan equipped with belt and chain - robust in design and longer service life.
  • Durable life of equipment.
  • Compact design & construction.
  • Due to the chain being outboard of the loading area the pan of feeder can be fully supported at the impact points and where heavily loaded.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Suitable for all types of materials and applications.
  • Robust and Reliable product which handled material directly from truck or dumper or front end loader
  • Capacity ranges from 500 to 2000 m³/hr (Bulk density 1 to 2.4 T/m³)
  • Material such as limestone, Shale , gypsum approx.. 250 mm size
  • Conveyor profile as per customer layout requirement i.e. Inclined or Horizontal – Inclined profile.
  • Ramp for truck movement, if required for handling
  • 2300 mm wide with Belt-chain Pan for longer service life with bar located on every pitch.
  • Control panel with speed controller on request
  • Optional Accessories on request.


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