Screening Conveyor

RUD Screening Conveyor is specially designed for easy separation of under sized materials. Designed with scalping screen with a non-stick Teflon coating, allows the screen to avoid clogging of material and ensure continuous flow without gaps.

Working Principle

  • The main function of scalping screen is to remove under size minerals from the feed to crusher and reduce the over loading of crusher with fines and lower size minerals
  • This screen is based on sweeping the material over the grizzly bed laid with a specially shaped grate bars at suitable spacing based on the under sized to be screened out.
  • The bars are coated with a non-stick Teflon coating to avoid clogging and ensure easy flow through gaps.

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  • The oversize material is smoothly carried to crusher for size reduction.
  • The operating speed of the chain feeder is very slow, hence there is no impact load takes place.
  • Fine material automatically gets separated before crushing.
  • Due to low speed to avoid heavy wear and tear to the crusher hammer unlike vibrating grizzly feeder where larger lumps are accelerated to very high speed which creates heavy wear and tear to the crusher hammer.
  • Having less components which will give high efficiency with less maintenance.
  • All negative points of regular system are eliminated from Chain feeder scrapper screen for trouble free and highly reliable.
  • Less motor power required compare to regular conventional system.
  • Designed with special self-adjustable round link chain & its components for trouble free performance


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