Central Chain Bucket Elevator

RUD central chains are ideally suited to use in high-capacity bucket elevators. 

The RUD central chain provides a robust means of traction for vertical conveying of powdery, granular, lumpy and high-temperature materials. Safe transport of abrasive materials is also guaranteed. RUD central chains offer maximum conveying reliability, even when handling charge fluctuations, high-temperature materials, and materials with large single edge lengths. RUD has the perfect chain to meet your individual needs.

Different types: RU 50, RU 80, RU 150, RU 200

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  • Hinge points: Bolts float-mounted → high wear volume
  • Assembly: without special tool possible
  • Standard strand length: 1080 mm packaged in an assembly-friendly way
Fields of application: Large capacities coarse dry bulk goods (cement, lime, gravel, coke, slag, clinker)


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