Vanguard Conveyor

Vanguard conveyors are continuous mechanical conveyors, where material is carried by means of continuous steel belt based on chain link in specific considerations

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  • Suitable for conveying heavy duty, high temperature, highly abrasive continuous operation
  • The rollers are designed and engineered for greater impact and are wear resistant
  • RUD make special steel belt for your high temperature application, so that no distortion¬†of steel belt due to high temperature (1000 Celsius)
  • Selection of material is done by thermal analysis and its reaction on various temperature and loads
  • The properties of the conveyed material remain the same
  • Extra spillage conveyor not required
  • Chain is outbound, never in contact with material thus additional life of chain
  • Simple mounting and dismounting of attachments from the chain
  • Low maintenance cost. Lightweight construction
  • RUD Vanguard is available from capacity 6 TPH to approx. 100 TPH + (L=3 meter to approx. 50 Meters)

    RUD ultra low width Vanguard Conveyor is also available on request for cooler appliances.

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