Apron Feeder

Apron Feeder is a type of conveyor made from individual apron plates that are linked together with hinges on its underside, thus creating a looped carrying surface where materials can be placed. It plays a vital part in several industries by being used to move different materials from one location to another. Using round steel link chain as the pulling element and driven by pocket wheels, the slats sit and swivel on specially designed attachments. Due to the chain being outboard of the loading area the slats of the apron feeder can be fully supported at impact points and where heavily loaded. The special geometry of the slat position to the chain centres ensures a dense enclosed system that does not open when moving over the pocket wheels. Side pieces on the individual slats in conjunction with guides on the edge prevent a sideways movement of the material conveyed against the conveying direction.

With its superb wear resistance combined with high breaking loads and toughness, RUD chain is ideal for the most arduous tasks. It is these properties that make our chain ideal for the demands of apron feeders. All RUD special quality chains and components offer extraordinary high fatigue strength, perfect for continuous operation. The chain and component properties are carefully configured to ensure optimum lifetime.

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  • Suitable for conveying heavy duty, high temperature, highly abrasive continuous operation.
  • The rollers are designed and engineered for greater impact and are wear resistant.
  • RUD make special steel belt for your high temperature application, so that no distortion of steel belt due to high temperature (upto 1100 deg.C).
  • Selection of material is done by thermal analysis and its reaction on various temperatures and loads.
  • The properties of the conveyed material remain the same.
  • Extra spillage conveyor not required.
  • Chain is outbound, never in contact with material, thus additional life of chain.
  • Simple mounting in and dismounting of attachments from the chain.
  • Low maintenance costs. Light weight construction.
  • RUD Apron Feeder is available from capacity 6 TPH to approx. 100 TPH + (L=3 meter to approx. 50 Meters).

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