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Diverse Material Handling Products for Your Industry

Material handling equipment is specially designed tools and devices for industrial purposes that help people lift and move heavy objects more easily.

This equipment includes things like beam clamps, C-hooks, drum lifters, forklift attachments, rail lifting products, and more that are used in different sectors like railways, airspace, manufacturing, and more.

They make it safer and more efficient to handle heavy loads in various industries and workplaces. With the right material handling equipment, tasks that would be difficult or even impossible to do by hand become much simpler and more manageable.

Automatic Rail Clamp

Automatic rail clamps are designed to make handling and moving rails safe and easy. They come with non-slip gripping pads that ensure a secure hold. These clamps can handle all standard-size rails, and their machined diamond face gripping pads provide a strong grip. When using rail clamps and spreaders, it'''s important to balance and control the load to ensure safety. Rest assured, these clamps meet the DIN standards, ensuring their quality and reliability.

Beam Clamp

A beam clamp is a special tool that securely holds equipment like hoists and slings on the beam's flange. You don't need to drill or bolt it to fasten the clamp, making it easy to use. The scissor design ensures a strong grip, which becomes even tighter as the load increases. It's designed according to DIN EN 13155 standards, making it reliable for industrial use.


The C Hook is specially designed to handle coils safely and efficiently. It has non-metallic padding in the contact area to prevent any damage to the coil. Upon request, the C-Hook can also come with load indicators for better load management. Additionally, there's an option to add a trolley for convenient storage and transportation of the C Hook.

Container Loading Beam

The container loading beam has operational controls on the handle, making it simple to adjust the hovering settings whether there's a load or not. It saves time and manpower during the loading process. Most importantly, it ensures that there's no chance of any damage to the load, keeping it safe and secure.

Drum Lifting & Tilting Device

It is very risky to lift, move, or turn drums manually or with other wrong equipment. RUD India proudly introduces the RUD drum lifting device – a safe, efficient, and convenient solution for lifting and moving drums. This innovative device makes the process risk-free and ensures smooth handling without compromising on safety.

Forklift Attachment

A forklift is a handy and adaptable machine, it comes with a swivel hook at the bottom, which makes it easier to handle loads. It also has a low headroom, so it can fit in tight spaces. RUD India, one of the leading forklift attachment manufacturers in India is a pioneer in adding locking arrangements on both sides for added safety.

RUD Hoist

The RUD hoist is a strong and sturdy machine designed for heavy-duty tasks. It can lift loads with a weight of up to 250 tons. What's more, it can rotate a full 360 degrees, making it very flexible and versatile.

Jumbo Bag Lifter

RUD Jumbo Bag Lifters make it easy and convenient to handle large jumbo-sized bags. They have special lift loops to elevate lifting bags easily for stacking, filling, loading, unloading, and more. These lifters simplify the process and make it much more efficient for the operators.

Manual Rail Lifting Clamp

The RUD Manual Rail Lifting Clamp is designed to handle single rail sections and can work with all standard rail sizes. It's made strong yet light for easy handling, and it has a lever arrangement for manual locking.

Pallet Lifting Device

The Pallet Lifting Device is made for easy use and can handle a wide range of material handling tasks like loading, unloading, stacking, and transportation. It can handle various pallet sizes since its forks are adjustable, and you can adjust the vertical height to match the pallet's height.

Rock Lifter

Rock lifter has three arms that make it perfect for lifting wood, rock, stone, metal shavings, and scrap. It provides a stable lift for heavy and irregularly shaped debris. The 3-point design of rock lifting tongs ensures a quick, secure lift, making it safe and easy for a single operator to move large objects.

Vacuum Lifter

Vacuum Lifters can lift, handle, and move loads using vacuum power. They are designed for efficient and easy lifting with the help of suction pads. The vacuum pressure creates a strong grip to lift and move loads easily, and the best part is, these lifters won't scratch or mark the material surface or edge.

Find the Best Material Handling Equipment at RUD India

At RUD India, we create custom solutions to solve industry-specific problems. Our team designs and manufactures equipment that is tailored to meet your unique needs. We follow a strict quality process, ensuring that the products we offer are of exceptional quality and performance.

With our expertise, you can trust that RUD lifting equipment will help you tackle challenges and achieve your goals effectively. We are committed to providing the best solutions for your industry.

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