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Spreader Beam Types

In many industries, lifting extremely heavy loads is an everyday and necessary task that requires specialized equipment. When it comes to such strenuous and potentially dangerous tasks, it is important to ensure that lifting the right equipment is used to achieve optimal productivity, efficiency, and, most importantly, safety. 

A spreader beam is a lifting device situated below the hook, designed to assist crane operators in the lifting of large and often heavy loads. Using a lifting beam in day-to-day lifting operations will bring significant benefits. As with all our product ranges, we have access to the most reliable and heavy-duty spreader beams available on the market.

Importance Of Spreader Beam In Lifting Heavy Loads

Safe lifting:  Lifting beams are designed to aid in safe lifting by evenly distributing the load. This helps to prevent overload on any one area of the load, which can cause damage or even lead to accidents. This way the load is lifted with a more stable center of gravity, which reduces the risk of tipping or sliding.

Increased efficiency: By evenly distributing the load over the lifting spreader beam, crane operators can lift more weight with fewer trips, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. This is especially important in industries such as construction, where time is of the essence and delays can be costly.

Reduced risk of damage: When lifting heavy or unusually shaped loads, there might be a risk of damage to the load itself, as well as to the crane and other lifting equipment. With the help of an adjustable spreader beam for lifting, the load is stabilized, reducing the risk of damage from swinging or slipping.

Compatible with cranes: Our lifting beams are designed to be compatible with the crane spreader bar, making them a versatile and useful addition to any lifting equipment arsenal. They can be used with overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and jib cranes, as well as with other types of lifting equipment. 

Different types of Spreader Beams at RUD India

Customized Spreader Beam

The purpose of a lifting spreader bar is to distribute the weight of a lift across multiple points while improving stability and reducing the pressure exerted during hoisting. In this case, crane lifting spreader beams are accompanied by chains, lifting points, web slings, and tailor-made attachments. RUD India offers a spreader beam for lifting that can lift up to 1000T and span up to 10 meters, with larger sizes subject to feasibility assessments and technical limitations.

Heavy Lift Spreader Beam

The heavy lift spreader beam is a specially designed lifting device that conforms to the standards outlined in DIN EN 13155. It is engineered to handle wide and unbalanced loads with ease, making it an ideal tool for heavy-duty lifting operations.

H Frame Spreader Beam

This is a kind of lifting spreader bar that is designed in the shape of an "H". It consists of two parallel beams connected by a crossbar, with lifting points attached to each end. It distributes the weight of a load across multiple points, increasing stability and reducing the amount of pressure exerted during lifting.

Modular Spreader Beam 

A modular spreader beam consists of multiple interchangeable sections that can be assembled and adjusted to create a configuration that is tailored to the load being lifted. It allows easy transport and storage, and the ability to modify the length and lifting capacity of the beam as needed.

Overhead Spreader Beam

This is commonly used in situations where there is limited headroom, as it allows for the load to be lifted and moved without interfering with overhead obstructions. 

Spreader Beam with Moveable Bail

A lifting bar with moveable bail is a lifting device designed to facilitate heavy-duty lifting operations in compliance with the DIN EN 13155 standards. It features a movable bail that can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes, providing enhanced versatility and ease of use.

Linear Spreader Beam

This is a special lifting device that is designed to handle long, narrow loads such as pipes, tubes, and other cylindrical objects. It consists of a horizontal beam with lifting points at each end, and a series of adjustable lifting arms that can be positioned to support the load along its entire length.

Buy Heavy Duty Spreader Beams from RUD India 

RUD India is a leading spreader beam manufacturer in India. They offer everything from elevator spreader beam to cantilever lifting beam that is designed to meet the specific requirements of heavy-duty lifting operations.

Our lifting beams are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional durability and performance. They are designed to distribute the load of a lift across multiple points, providing enhanced stability and reducing the amount of pressure exerted during hoisting.

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