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Heavy Duty Lifting Tongs

Whether you work in the steel and manufacturing industry or simply understand the importance of efficient material handling, you are likely aware of the significance of heavy lifting tools. Lifting tongs are one of the most important pieces of equipment for moving steel items. Heavy steel coils, plates, and other components may be readily lifted by these strong tools.

Lifting tongs are specialized tools designed to securely grip and lift heavy objects or materials. They consist of two or more arms or jaws that can be manually or mechanically operated to clamp onto the load. The tongs provide a strong and secure grip, allowing for the safe and efficient lifting and transporting of heavy items. Lifting tongs come in various designs and configurations to accommodate different types of materials and lifting requirements. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.

Different Types of Lifting Tongs

External Friction Tong The external friction tong is a sturdy and dependable lifting tool made to handle and hold external items safely. This tong guarantees a firm and stable hold on a range of materials thanks to its carefully developed friction surfaces, enabling safe and effective lifting operations. It offers stability and control while lifting big objects, making it ideal for situations where external grasping is necessary.

External Support Tong External support tong has been specifically designed to offer outstanding support and stability during lifting activities. These heavy duty lifting tongs have a strong construction and exterior supports that enable them to grab and carry hefty items with security. It is the best option for lifting operations that call for extra stability and balance, guaranteeing the efficient and safe handling of items.

Internal Friction Tong Handling materials having interior apertures or holes requires the use of an internal friction tong. With the help of internal friction surfaces, these adaptable heavy-duty lifting tongs can safely grasp and lift anything. It is appropriate for a variety of materials and industries because it provides a dependable and effective solution for lifting tasks requiring a strong internal grip.

Internal Support Tong Internal support tongs are special tools that are used to handle rolls of paper, metal, or other coiled materials in an upright position. These tongs grip the rolls from their flat bottom surface, providing secure and stable support. Once attached, the tong keeps the material in place, preventing it from moving or falling down the well.

Motorized Coil Tong: The Rud India motorized coil Tong is a powerful lifting tool designed specifically for handling heavy coils. With its motorized operation, this tong offers ease of use and enhanced lifting capacity. It provides a secure grip on coils, ensuring safe transportation and stacking operations. The motorized functionality minimizes manual effort, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of injuries.

Slab Tong: Slab tong is engineered for lifting and transporting slabs of various materials. With its strong gripping mechanism, this tong securely holds slabs in place during handling, reducing the risk of accidents. It is designed to provide maximum stability and control, making it an ideal choice for the safe and efficient movement of slabs in construction, manufacturing, and other industries.

Tips on Selecting the Right Lifting Tong for Your Business

Size and weight of the load:The lifting tongs should have enough strength to raise the required load. The size of the weight should also be taken into account, and the lifting tongs' jaws should be large enough to accommodate the load firmly.

Type of load: A certain type of lifting tongs may be required, depending on the load that has to be lifted. For instance, scissors work better for lifting steel plates and sheets than coil-lifting tongs do for lifting steel coils.

Workplace: The workplace must also be taken into account. A smaller lifting tong or one with particular mobility qualities is the best choice if there is limited space or certain obstructions prevent lifting.

Safety Locks: Always make sure the chosen lifting tongs are safe and include locking mechanisms and non-slip pads, as well as that they adhere to all applicable safety regulations.

Find Superior Quality Heavy Duty Lifting Tongs at RUD India

Choose Rud India lifting tong products and elevate your lifting operations to new heights. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we guarantee that our tongs will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your lifting needs or to learn more about our comprehensive range of lifting solutions.

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