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Image of Adjustable Lifting Spreader Beam: Enhancing Lifting Efficiency

Nov 17, 2023

The Advantages of Spreader Beams in Industrial Settings

When you're dealing with a huge or oddly shaped load, it's really important to think about using a device for proper balancing instead of just attaching the crane to one spot. 

If you put all the weight on a small area, the load might start swinging, tipping, or even hurting the workers nearby. Sometimes, the load gets all bent out of shape, broken, and unusable because it wasn't lifted the right way.

That's where a lifting spreader beam comes in handy. It's a special tool used to lift things in a better and safer way than usual. Spreader beams go under the load and spread out the weight, so it's not all in one place. This helps with two things that are very important at industrial sites:

  • Control the load better and support it well. 
  • Make heavy things easier to lift and move without causing damage.

What is a Spreader Beam and How Does it Work?

Basically, a spreader beam is a below-the-hook lifting device used to help crane operators pick up large and heavy loads.

As the name suggests, spreader beams are really useful tools because they help spread out the weight of a lifted load onto more than just one point. This makes lifting more stable and reduces the force put on the load while it's being raised. These beams usually come as a setup with chains, lifting points, web slings, and special attachments.

RUD India offers heavy-duty spreader beams that handle weights of up to 1000 tonnes and reach spans of up to 10 metres. For a larger amount of size, you can go for customised spreader beams. These beams are designed according to DIN EN 13155 standards, which means they're super safe and built to last. 

Features of RUD India Spreader Beams

  • They are not too heavy themselves, but they are still really strong. 
  • They have a safety factor of at least 4 times the weight they can lift. 
  • The lifting points can be adjusted, and there's a bail that helps lift multiple things at once or things that aren't balanced. 
  • They're also great for tight spaces where there's not much room above. And there's a special angle indicator to make sure they're being used at safe angles. 
  • Each beam has a nameplate with important information like its code, weight limit, how heavy it is, and the year it was made, so you can keep track easily.

4 Reasons You Should Choose a Lifting Spreader Beam for Your Industry Requirements

1. Minimises the Chance of Load Damage

When dealing with lifting heavy items, a major concern is the possibility of damaging the load. When using a single point of attachment, like a crane hook, all the weight of the load gets focused on a small spot, which can distort or harm the load. Spreader beams, on the other hand, distribute the weight over a larger space, lessening the likelihood of damage.

2. Helps to Improve Load Stability 

Adjustable spreader beams for lifting play a crucial role in enhancing load stability. By spreading out the weight over a broader surface, these beams prevent the load from swaying or tipping, which could lead to instability and potential accidents. This heightened stability boosts safety and simplifies the management of the load while lifting and moving it.

3. Boosts Lifting Capability

The clever design of the container lifting spreader beam results in an increased lifting capacity. By minimising stress on individual parts of lifting equipment, such as the crane hook or hoist, these beams evenly distribute the load's weight across a wide area. This enables the equipment to safely and effectively lift heavier loads without the risk of damage or mechanical failure.

4. Facilitates the Secure Lifting of Unusually Shaped Loads

When it comes to hoisting oddly shaped loads that cannot be safely lifted using a single attachment point, the concrete spreader beam comes in as a hero. This is particularly important for loads with irregular shapes, like slim pipes or elongated beams. Spreader beams enable the distribution of the load across a wider space, simplifying the process of lifting and moving these loads securely and effectively.

Get Reliable and Customised Spreader Beam at RUD India

Every rigger must possess a spreader beam in their collection of tools. These beams are compatible with various lifting equipment like cranes, hoists, and forklifts, and they can be adjusted to match different loads and lifting needs.

Spreader beams play a vital role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of distinctive lifting tasks, making them an indispensable asset.

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