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coil lifting tongs - RUD India

Nov 01, 2023

Safety First: RUD India's Coil Tongs with Advanced Safety Features

In the world of heavy industries like steel, transport, and automobiles, the safe and efficient handling of heavy coils is of utmost importance. 

These coils can be massive and challenging to move around, but with innovations like RUD India's Motorized Coil Tongs, this task has become safer and more efficient than ever before.

What Are Motorized Coil Tongs?

Motorized Coil Tongs are special machines used to handle coils in a horizontal position. These coil-lifting tongs are used in various industries for different purposes. 

Whether it's in the steel industry, transportation, or automobile manufacturing, these tongs make the job easier.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Coil Tongs from RUD India

RUD Motorized Coil Tongs come with advanced safety features that prioritize the well-being of the workers and the protection of the coils. Let's take a closer look at these safety features:

1. Motorized Arms for Efficient Handling

The motorized arms in these industrial coil tongs are designed to maximize the efficient handling of coils. This means that you can move heavy coils with ease and precision, reducing the risk of accidents.

2. Curved Lifting Pads for Coil Protection

To ensure the safety of the coils themselves, RUD India’s heavy-duty coil tongs come with curved lifting pads. These pads are designed to protect the coils from damage during the handling process. This is crucial because damaged coils can lead to costly problems down the line.

3. High Impact Toe Rollers

Tong foot contact with coils can be a common problem when handling heavy materials. RUD has solved this issue by equipping their tongs with high-impact toe rollers. These rollers prevent the tong's foot from coming into contact with the coils, keeping both the coils and the workers safe.

4. Anti-Clamp Limit Switch

The anti-clamp limit switch is a smart safety feature. It protects the coil during the closing of the tong. This ensures that the adjustable coil tongs don't clamp too tightly on the coil, potentially damaging it.

5. Signal Off Limit Switch

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. The signal off-limit switch prevents inadvertent arm opening during a lift. This additional safety measure ensures that the arms of the tongs won't open unexpectedly during use.

6. Compliance with Standards

These tongs comply with DIN and ASME standards, which are international standards ensuring the quality and safety of mechanical devices. So you can trust that you are using a product that meets industry standards.

Get Reliable Coil Tongs at RUD India with Global Technology and Service Backup

At RUD India, you can find coil tongs with safety features and global technology, which means you're getting cutting-edge solutions. Plus, they provide service backup for customers, ensuring that your tongs will be well-maintained and supported throughout their lifespan.

These heavy duty tongs come in a compact design, which not only saves space but also provides more accessibility. This is especially important in crowded industrial settings where space is often limited.

The low headroom design is another practical feature of these tongs. It means that these tongs can fit into spaces with limited vertical clearance, making them more versatile in various industrial settings.

In conclusion, RUD India's Motorized Coil Tongs are a prime example of how technology and safety can go hand in hand in the heavy industry. With advanced safety features, compliance with standards, and a focus on user-friendly design, these tongs are a reliable and efficient solution for handling coils. When it comes to moving heavy materials, safety should always come first, and RUD's tongs are leading the way in achieving this goal.

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