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types of tongs - RUD India

Mar 22, 2024

Understanding types of tongs and their purpose - A RUD India guide

Imagine struggling to lift a heavy, smooth metal pipe at a construction site. Regular gloves offer no grip, and using your bare hands risks injury. This is where tongs come in. These versatile grasping tools are found in countless industries, from construction sites and warehouses to machine shops and stone yards. Their simple design belies a surprising ability to grip, lift, and manoeuvre a diverse range of objects.

This RUD India guide explores the various types of tongs and their functionalities, delving into an exciting world of material handling. Read it and equip yourself with the knowledge to choose the perfect tongs for any task at your facility. The best way to go about this is to identify a set of problem statements for each type of tong, breaking down how this set of tongs addresses the problem as a solution.

Gripping by Design: External Friction Tongs

Problem: You're at a construction site struggling to lift a rebar with your gloved hands. The smooth surface offers no grip, and using your hands directly risks pinching or injury.

Solution: Enter the external friction tong, your knight in shining...well, steel. These tongs feature serrated jaws that bite into the rebar's external surface for a secure hold. Imagine effortlessly maneuvering that rebar with complete control, thanks to the powerful grip of RUD India's external friction tongs. These tongs are manufactured from high-grade steel for superior strength and durability, ensuring they can handle even the toughest jobs on your site. Did you know? According to a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) report, thousands of workplace injuries occur at construction sites due to improper lifting techniques. External friction tongs can significantly reduce this risk by allowing for safe and controlled handling of heavy materials.

RUD India Recommendation: The RUD Easy Lift Tongs with their ergonomically designed handles and powerful gripping force are a perfect choice for construction sites. Their lightweight design ensures operator comfort during extended use.

Slab Tongs for lifting flat surfaces

Problem: You're working at a stone yard, and those beautiful granite slabs seem impossible to maneuver without risking damage or injury. Grasping the edges with your hands is precarious, and brute force can easily lead to chipped corners.

Solution: Slab tongs are the answer to your stone-lifting woes. These tongs feature large, flat gripping surfaces that make secure contact with the edges of the slab. Imagine effortlessly lifting and transporting those granite slabs with complete precision. RUD India's slab tongs are built with high-strength steel for exceptional load capacity, ensuring they can handle even the heaviest slabs with ease.

RUD India Recommendation: The RUD Clamping Slab Tongs with their adjustable gripping width are ideal for handling a variety of slab sizes in your stone yard. Their swiveling head allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces.

External support lifting tongs for heavy objects

Problem: You're on a steel mill assembly line, and those massive I-beams pose a daunting lifting challenge. Regular tongs just won't cut it – you need a solution that offers not just grip but also support for these heavy beams.

Solution: External support tongs come to the rescue. As heavy duty coil tongs, these go beyond simple gripping. They feature supportive arms that wrap around the I-beam from the outside, providing a secure embrace throughout the lifting and transportation process. Imagine these tongs acting like a giant hug for your I-beam, ensuring stability and preventing any wobbling or tipping during movement. RUD India's external support tongs are meticulously engineered for maximum load capacity.

RUD India Recommendation: The RUD KBS Beam Tongs with their forged steel construction and robust design are built to handle the toughest challenges in steel mills and construction sites. Their safety latch provides an extra layer of security during lifting operations.

Beyond the Basics: Specialized Tongs for Specific Needs

The world of tongs extends beyond these fundamental types. RUD India offers a comprehensive range of specialized tongs to cater to your unique needs:

  • Locking tongs: Imagine needing to hold a hot metal object during welding for an extended period. Our RUD VersiLock Locking Tongs are adjustable coil tongs which provide a secure, hands-free grip, keeping you safe and focused on the task.
  • Welding tongs: Speaking of welding, RUD India's heat-resistant welding tongs with extended handles allow you to handle hot metal objects safely without compromising precision.
  • Turning tongs: For those blacksmithing enthusiasts, RUD offers turning tongs featuring a flat gripping surface and a pointed tip, perfect for manipulating hot metal during forging.

Tongs are more than just tools; they're an investment in safety and efficiency. By understanding the different types of tongs and their functionalities, you can eliminate the risks associated with improper lifting and material handling. RUD India offers a comprehensive range of tongs designed for diverse needs, ensuring you have the right tool for the job. With the right tongs in hand, you can tackle any material handling challenge with confidence, keeping yourself and your crew safe while maximizing productivity.

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