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Central Chain Bucket Elevators

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Central Chain Bucket Elevators

The RUD central chain bucket elevator is a heavy-duty conveyor designed for the vertical transportation of bulk materials in challenging environments

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  • Technical Details

Technical Details

Key Features: 

Core Component: RUD Central Chain

  • Robust and Reliable: The heart of the elevator is RUD's specially designed central chain. This high-strength chain ensures smooth operation and reliable material handling, even with:
    • Powders and Granules: Fine and loose materials are effectively conveyed.
    • Lumpy Materials: The chain can handle uneven or bulky materials without jamming.
    • High Temperatures: The design is suitable for conveying materials at elevated temperatures.
    • Abrasive Materials: The chain is resistant to wear and tear from abrasive materials.

Benefits of RUD Central Chain Bucket Elevators:

  • High Capacity: These elevators are built for large-scale operations, efficiently handling significant volumes of bulk materials.
  • Maximum Conveying Reliability: The RUD central chain and overall design minimize downtime and ensure smooth material flow, even with:
    • Fluctuating Material Feed: The system can handle variations in material supply without compromising performance.
    • Large Material Pieces: The central chain design can accommodate materials with larger individual edge lengths.
  • Long Service Life: The robust chain and wear-resistant components promote long-lasting operation.
  • Versatility: RUD central chain bucket elevators can be configured for various applications with:
    • Different Bucket Sizes and Spacings: Optimizes material handling based on specific material characteristics.
    • Straight or Inclined Design: Adapts to the layout requirements of your facility.


RUD central chain bucket elevators are ideal for use in various industries, including:

  • Food and Beverage: Conveying grain, seeds, and other food products.
  • Chemicals and Plastics: Transporting bulk chemicals, plastic pellets, and powders.
  • Building Materials: Handling sand, gravel, and cement.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Conveying pharmaceutical ingredients and powders.
  • Waste and Recycling: Moving large volumes of recyclables or waste materials.

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