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lifting spreader beam - RUD India

Jan 22, 2024

A buyer’s guide to spreader beams by RUD India

Safety is imperative in the intricate and hazard-prone world of material handling. Whether traversing colossal cargo containers or navigating delicate machinery, every lift demands precision and unwavering reliability. This is where spreader beams enter the scene. Spreader beams are sturdy, heavy-duty machines capable of distributing the weight of a load across multiple points with stability and security, ensuring balanced and secure journeys from point A to point B.

There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to spreader beams, however, and they all serve different purposes. This makes choosing the right one a complicated affair. Considering all the available options, the journey from need to purchase can feel like navigating a labyrinth. But you don’t need to feel so daunted by it. This comprehensive guide from RUD India, the leading manufacturer of lifting equipment in India, will make things much simpler and you’ll know exactly what you need after reading it.

Delving into the fundamentals of spreader beams

Before we explore the diverse varieties of spreader beams, it’s important to understand the fundamentals and get to know the exact purpose of spreader beams. At its core, a spreader beam is a horizontal bar equipped with lifting points. Its role in an industrial capacity is to distribute the load of a lifted object across multiple contact points, preventing concentrated stress and potential damage. This makes spreader beams the ideal lifting equipment in circumstances that call for enhanced safety and stability and minimize the risk of accidents and hazards.

Exploring RUD India’s diverse range of spreader beams available for purchase

The DIN EN 13155 heavy lifting spreader beam is exceptional at handling heavy machinery

The DIN EN 13155 heavy duty spreader beam from RUD India is a behemoth, capable of handling some of the heaviest industrial loads you need to transport. Boasting capacities exceeding 1000 tonnes, these beams can comfortably handle anything you throw at them with relative ease and are built to last. They’re designed to conform to some of the most stringent standards in the industry and are ideal for large infrastructure projects and transporting heavy machinery.

H-Frame adjustable spreader beams for lifting uniquely shaped objects and loads

RUD India’s H-Frame spreader beams are renowned for their versatility and adaptability. These adjustable spreader beams for lifting boast legs that can be adjusted to conform to the contours of your load. They’re incredibly adaptable and capable of handling a wide variety of objects and materials. This makes them perfect for lifting oddly shaped objects or those with an uneven weight distribution.

Modular Spreader Beams for improved adaptability and multi-purpose applications

RUD India also offers a range of modular spreader beams. These versatile beams can be fitted with unique attachments and configured to meet your specific lifting requirements. Modular beams offer the flexibility to configure your ideal lifting apparatus by joining pre-fabricated sections. This bespoke approach caters to unique lifting requirements and eliminates the need for custom fabrication. Their ability to fit attachments capable of lifting specific objects makes them excellent crane lifting spreader beams.

Overhead Spreader Beams are excellent for lifting operations in tight spaces

For industrial applications that are restricted by space, RUD India’s overhead spreader beams offer an excellent option. These beams are designed to work in low-headroom situations and come in compact sizes. They utilize chain slings or webbing to secure your load.

Spreader Beams with Movable Bails beams

Another form of adjustable spreader beams from RUD India, these beams are capable of adapting to your lifting angle, making them excellent at operating in cramped areas. These beams come with adjustable bail points, which enable a dynamic load distribution. This makes them ideal for situations where the lifting angle might vary.

Linear Spreader Beams are simple and purpose-built

RUD India also offers linear spreader beams. These spreader beams are purpose-built and do exactly what conventional spreader beams are expected to do. They’re simple, robust and efficient and offer a cost-effective offer a cost-effective solution for everyday material handling needs. The perfect choice for standard lifting tasks.

RUD India has transformed into an industry stalwart for lifting solutions

Beyond the impressive array of beam options, RUD India stands as a beacon of quality and expertise. Their unwavering commitment to safety shines through in every aspect of their operation, from stringent material selection and meticulous manufacturing processes to comprehensive testing and certification.

The RUD India guarantee

Safety up to par with the highest industry standards: Every RUD beam adheres to the highest international safety standards, ensuring the well-being of your personnel and the integrity of your cargo.

Durability and longevity: Crafted from high-grade steel and meticulously engineered, RUD beams are built to withstand the harshest industrial environments.

Tailor-made for your needs: From modular versatility to bespoke designs, RUD India caters to your specific lifting needs with unwavering dedication.

Expertise and advice: The RUD India team consists of top-class experts who are always at hand to guide your purchase and ensure you get the most value for your application.

Selecting the right spreader beam is an investment in safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. Navigating the intricate world of lifting equipment can be a challenge, so this guide from RUD India will be a handy companion. Equip yourself with the knowledge, explore the diverse options, and trust RUD India to be your anchor in the sea of lifting solutions. Remember, a carefully chosen spreader beam is not just a tool; it's a silent guardian, ensuring every lift is a testament to safety and success.

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