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Tool Mover


Tool Mover

RUD India introduces Tool Mover specially designed for turning and tilting of heavy tools.

The Tool-Mover offers many optimal safety features. It turns the load at the center of gravity, which means that the load is turned very smoothly and securely. It is equipped with a frequency-controlled drive that ensures an even and smooth drive from start to finish, and it can be securely stopped in any position.

Handling and turning of heavy tools, dies and metal molding tools can be
dangerous without the right equipment, causing risk to operators and damage to expensive tools if they are not turned effectively.

The Tool-Mover is easy to use and position as it does not need to be bolted to the floor, and can be moved to locations in a facility by a crane, fork lift, or pallet truck. It is able to turn heavy dies, molds and tools by 90° starting from 6.3 metric tons, and including 10 mt, 16 mt, 20 mt, 32 mt and 64 mt on a table measuring 1x1x1 meter to 3.5x3.5x2.5 meter.

Tools can easily be cleaned on the table due to the low platform height. The Tool-Mover is covered with polyurethane plates that help to preserve the tools.

Category : Lifting Products

Sub Category : Tecdos

  • Technical Details

Technical Details

  • The TOOL MOVER can be used anyway in the plant, since it is not anchored to the floor and is very compact.
  • The TOOL MOVER can moved with a hoist (lifting points) or lift truck (fork insertion points).
  • TOOL MOVER table has a very low supporting surface ,the opent ool can be cleaned while on the table itself.
  • The TOOL MOVER comes with optional PU plates to protect the tool.
  • The TOOL MOVER can handle tools and objects weighing up to 64 tons.
  • A siren to indicate that the table is operating is standard equipment.
  • The load is turned over at its centre of gravity, and therefore very smoothly.
  • The TOOL MOVER table has a frequency controlled drive for soft starting and stopping!
  • No more accidents with sensitive and costly tools.
  • Manual turning and handling is no longer required.

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