Our Corporate Culture

RUD India's present-day success is driven by its commitment to core values – that defines the way we do our work.

A Continuous improvement company
We are a Continuous improvement company. We apply Kaizen's concept and strategy in order to have all the employees work together proactively with the goal of achieving regular, incremental improvements to the manufacturing process. This leads to increase in employee productivity as well as improves the overall customer experience.
On-going Employee Development
We provide continuous opportunities for growth and development to all the RUD India employees that help them expand their knowledge, skills and abilities. These opportunities help them gain new skills and experiences which increases employ-ee’s motivation and job satisfaction as well as help workers manage their job stress effectively. We provide regular training and knowledge sharing sessions on job skills, safety standards, quality improvement and new technologies as well as give them regular feedback on their progress.
Strong & approachable leadership
We are led by a diverse and highly experienced team of our Managing Director and Senior Management team. Their inspira-tional communication and guidance is vital to convey RUD India’s vision and direction. Our employees regularly receive feed-back on how they contribute to our company’s success and why they are our greatest asset.
International cultural diversity
Being a global company, we enjoy, respect, appreciate and embrace working with a myriad of cultures and nationalities. We work as a global team with our presence in over 128 countries. Our worldwide reach, industry expertise and strength makes us World’s Leading Material Handling Solution Provider.
Commitment to our Corporate Values
Our values are the foundation for how we do business in a responsible and sustainable way. They are not just on paper but are integrated at the heart of all the work we do. Each value drives how we approach our business strategy, business processes, internal and external communications.