RoRo-Lashing point for welding, especially for low temperatures -40°C

Lashing- and connection device at road vehicles for sea transport on Ro/Ro ships.

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RoRo-Lashingpoint LP 10.000 daN , for low temperature -40°C (7983031)


Article number: 7983031

weight2.30 kg5.07 lbs
T105 mm4-1/8"
A55 mm2-5/32"
B130 mm5-1/8"
C43 mm1-11/16"
D80 mm3-1/8"
E82 mm3-1/4"
F25 mm63/64"
G75 mm2-15/16"
H23 mm29/32"
I66 mm2-5/8"
Lashing capacity10000 daN

100% crack detected acc. to EN 29367-2, Resistance charakteristics with a proof force = 120 kN and a breaking force = 200 kN Surface: phosphated Suitable for all common lashing means


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