Lifto Roto Beam

RUD India’s Lifto Roto Beam can be used for lifting as well as tilting. Lifto Roto Beam ensures smooth rotating operation, which helps in crane safety avoiding the angular lift in conventional method of tilting using chain sling

  • Higher Grade Chain Mechanism-TECDOS Chains used
  • Specially designed for lifting and tilting of load
  • With chain drive system and RUD-TECDOS wheel, no slip occurs between relevant component (chain and pocket wheel)while tilting
  • With the help of center gear motor, span adjusted as per requirement with synchronized trolley for inward and outward movement

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  • Design as per din en 13155 std
  • 100% Electro magnetic crack detected
  • Capacity WLL - up to 50 ton
  • Extra limit switch provided for secondary safety of trolley to stop
  • Additional Mechanical stopper provided in case both the limit switches fail for added safety
  • Job can be held at any angle during the tilting operation
  • Used RUD grade 100 chain components on top of the beam
  • User friendly operation and maintenance
  • Pendant used for operation of LRB


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