Vacuum Lifter

RUD Vacuum Lifters are capable of lifting, handling and moving loads with the help of vacuum. These are designed for efficient, one-person operation in lifting as the vacuum pressure creates a powerful grip to lift and move loads easily with suction pads. Additionally, these vacuum lifters don’t scratch or mark the material surface or edge.

  • Saves times as there is no need to attach slings or chains.
  • Eliminates material damage because it uses suction which makes it ideal for handling delicate materials like glass.
  • Can be used for various types of equipment from concrete to wood.
  • Precision handling made easy
  • One-person operation
  • Operational controls on the handle, so it is easy to adjust the hovering settings with and without a load.

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  • No outside power source is required.
  • Color-coded vacuum indicator rods alert the operator of vacuum level.
    • GREEN = Safe to lift with additional vacuum available.
    • YELLOW = Minimum vacuum remaining, begin to set load down.
    • RED = Hazardous condition.
  • Auto cycling valve provides a hands-free attach and release function.
  • Large lifting bail accommodates a wide range of hook sizes.
  • The Rud Mechanical Vacuum Lifter has very few moving parts that will need attention from the maintenance department.
  • Standard sizes shown, please contact factory for additional capacities and configurations.


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