Round Link Chain Bucket Elevator

RUD round link steel chains are long-lasting, robust and suitable for every possible application. If conveying, driving or hoisting, we provide you with the appropriate round steel chain. Through our long standing experience in the mechanical engineering fields of forming, welding, heat treatment and surface technology, we exaclty know which chain suits best to your applications.

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System RUca - Backwall Bucket Attachment


RUca is the new alternative for DIN bucket attachment systems for round steel bucket elevators. RUca offers a multitude of advantages compared to

standard components. Due to the smooth interaction with RUD chains and RUD chain connectors, RUca always provides force and shape-fit connections, thereby reducing chain wear and providing maximum protection against breakage.

RUca is highly flexible in its application: the system is suitable for endless chain strands, runs over uncoated wheels and can be mounted quickly - special tools are not required for this.

It is an optimal replacement for existing DIN bucket holders in round steel chain bucket elevators and the first choice when installing new systems.


System 2Win - Backwall Bucket Attachment


The bucket mounting 2WIN by means of double link attachment permits ultimate bucket support during scooping up and emptying. The variable spacing between buckets allows adapting of the system to the conveying requirements.
Further characteristics are wear reduction due to low speed, the ability of central discharge and the possibility of a snubbed positive discharge.

Smooth running and low noise levels are additional features. The use of high wear resistant components results in long service life of the entire chain system.


System SWA - Side wall bucket attachment


The side-wall bucket attachment SWA serves as a two-link bucket attachment for use in bulk industries such as central discharge bucket conveyors and center discharge bucket elevators


  • High reliability for long life
  • High-strength, since optimally heat treated
  • 3D stereoscope movable
  • Self-cleaning round link steel chain
  • Robust and durable
  • Small sizes
  • Low noise
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of components in the chain strand


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