Drum Lifter

Lifting, moving or turning drums manually or with incorrect device can be hazardous!

RUD India introduces RUD Drum Lifting Device which makes lifting, and moving of drums safe, easy as well as convenient.

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  • For lifting steel drums of diameter 500 mm to 650 mm.
  • Designed for load 500 kg with safety factor of 4.
  • Minimum self weight for easy operation.
  • Most user-friendly.
  • Provided with positive lock in ideal condition for easy engagement.
  • Provided with handles at both sides.
  • Suitable for crane hook up to 5T.
  • Lager jaw width to avoid drum damages.
  • Load tested, powder coated with all certifications as per DIN STD.

Dimensions in lifting position:

H = 440.0mm, L = 667.0mm, W= 120.0mm

Dimensions in ideal position:

H = 350.0mm, L =730.0mm, W= 120.0mm

Other product like Drum Tilting Tackle & Horizontal Drum Lifting tackle also available.

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