RUD Chain Sling

Chain slings are the most common type of sling used in lifting and rigging. Chain slings are used for lifting heavy items such as: skip bins, concrete slabs, pipes,  building materials. etc. They can be used in a combination of various master links and hooks as per the weight load. RUD Chain Slings are of superior strength, durable and provide ease of handling. Our Chain slings are available with single and multiple legs with different angles of inclination an symmetrical loading of the legs.

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  • Grade 100 Alloy steel & flexible to use in any type of industry
  • 28% Elongation, longer life.
  • Chain length shortening possible
  • 20,000 duty cycles guaranteed
  • 4 times Factor of Safety (1:4)
  • Hook with forged safety latch
  • 100% Electro-magnetic crack detected
  • Systematic inspection methods

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